Balancing Stick Pose (Tuladandasana) Health Benefits

Balancing Stick Pose Health Benefits

If you are a Yoga lover, you will find out that the balancing Stick Pose is a doozy. Nestled in the middle of the Standing Series, the Balancing Stick packs a punch and delivers great health benefits in ten short seconds. Even thought that this is a short position, there are some remarkable health benefits that arise from this challenging posture.

The position of the balancing stick pose is also known by its Sanskrit name, tuladandasana. Other names for this posture include the warrior three pose (or warrior’s flight), one-legged posture and balancing staff pose.

Benefits and Goals of Balancing Stick Yoga Pose – (Warrior Three Pose)

Balancing Stick Pose


The balancing stick yoga pose is relatively easy to perform, even for a beginner, although it has its fair share of advantages, the most remarkable of which is a huge relief for all the deformities and stretching across the entire spine. The position of your body will improve as you strengthen the muscles of your lower back and shoulders.

You’re entire circulatory system, and in particular the blood vessels in your heart, you also get an amazing workout, mainly because of the horizontal alignment of your body, if you follow this position correctly. Your liver, spleen, and other vital organs will be provided with relief as well.

Your lower legs and, in particular, the internal muscles of your quadriceps muscles (in front of the thighs) will become stronger.

Below are the top Health Benefits of Balancing Stick Pose (flying warrior pose)

  • Increases cardiovascular circulation, especially heart vessels
  • This may help to clear blocked arteries
  • This may help prevent future heart problems
  • Soothes spinal stress
  • Good for varicose veins
  • Builds strength in the legs
  • Exercises the pancreas, spleen, liver, nervous system and circulatory system

Top 4 points in detailed:

Balancing Stick Pose Health Benefits

1. Tones Your Core, Legs, Arms & Back

To properly perform this position, you must engage all the muscles in your body, especially the core. The toning that comes from this posture can help create elegant and sleek muscles that are natural to your body.

2. Opening of Your Shoulders

Think about squeezing the space between your shoulder blades, making this position, not only increases the strength of your back, but also helps you open up your shoulders and chest.

3. Unlocks your Hamstrings

For inflexible yogis out there, you will feel some tugging on your hamstrings. Make sure you hold the front of your thigh to safely stretch the back of your legs.

4. Cardio & Weight Loss

This posture will make your heart rate spike, especially if you exercise in a warm room, providing a great heart enhancer and subsequent weight loss. Make sure you hold your breath steady and slow throughout the pose.

Beginners can use the back of the chair to support the outstretched arms and maintain balance. Those who have mastered this pose and can hold it for 30 seconds can increase the difficulty by performing it with their eyes closed. So when you’re tired and you wonder if you should work on Balancing Stick Pose, just think about the health benefits you get and go for it!

What You Need to Remember:

  • Do not tuck your chin to your chest; Keep your face parallel to the floor.
  • The arms and leg should remain 100% locked during the entire time of posture.
  • Make sure you squeeze your head with both hands; squeeze hard but not strong enough that your temples or ears start to hurt!
  • Make sure your stomach is sucked in as you perform the posture and that your abdominal muscles are tighten.

Tuladandasana — Balancing Stick Pose Video Guide:


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