The Conundrum of ‘What is Life?’


“What is life?” Is really a deep question, a question that comes to the essence of reality. Erwin Schrodinger understands this and writes a book based on the question. He believed that over time chemistry and physics would provide a satisfactory answer to the question that confused us from the very beginning of our existence. He also suggested that understanding of consciousness can serve as a means of solving the problem of life.


“What is life?” Is a question that not only asks us about the physical elements of life, from atoms and biological molecules to cells and animals. But he also asks us how these physical elements are arranged, he asks us about their origin and even asks us about his purpose and end.


Question: “What is life?” Everything is very extensive. It is philosophical and religious. Does life have purpose? Is there a direction? Did it slowly evolve with the help of evolutionary means? Or it seemed that the cataclysm of the youngest Earth was formed completely?

If life was fully formed, does this mean that there is a God? God gave life a purpose?

Questions can go on forever. But many of them are very important, because they are trying to answer questions that can solve some questions about the meaning of life. If we can answer the question; “What is life?” Then we will be able to cope with more metaphysical problems related to the meaning of life and why it happened in the first place.

For centuries, no real progress has been achieved in answering this question. Philosophers discuss what they think, but nothing beyond speculation ever came to pass.

But in the last century, science began to make some progress in answering this question. In the mid-20th century, it discovered information carrying molecules of living systems, DNA. Could the answer “what is life?” exist within a certain location of nucleotide molecules?

Unfortunately, the discovery of DNA is even more difficult. The mystery behind the question: “What is life?” deepens. DNA was a molecule with information. But how did it come to where it came from?

Life is too prominent to be ignored. This is everywhere, but we can not define it correctly, and we can not explain it. It seems that the question “what is life?” From the very beginning and will remain with us for a long time.


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