What is the Difference Between Mind and the Brain?


Theoretically speaking, the mind is the set of cognitive abilities that consciousness, perception, thinking, judgment and memory. From a practical point of view, there is only one word to describe the mind, “beautiful”.

We all know the mind of something existing, but it does not exist. We have heard that this is called “intangible” or “non-matter” and many other terms. But it is necessary, to tell the truth, the existence of the mind is something that can not be doubted. When in doubt, look around you. Everything you see from the pot to the TV was something that came from the human mind. Not the brain! The Mind.

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Mind vs Brain

The brain is a physical aspect. This is the aspect that we must see, observe and understand. People believe that it’s very hard to believe that something exists without proof (wonder why?) But in the case of the mind, this is never an issue. The scientists themselves say that “science is still too young to understand some concepts, one such concept is that the human mind!”


If you remember, at school we were always told that if human beings are computers, the brain is the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This meant that there was no processor or computer, no brain or no human being. Well, if the brain is a processor, the mind is the motherboard! Without a motherboard, the processor is essentially a box. Metal garbage. Thus, without mind, the brain will be like that.

If your motherboard is in trouble, you need to open the processor to fix it. The monitor or keyboard is not used there. You understand.

Parts of the Mind

High school biology taught us that the brain is divided into three sections. Namely:

1. Cerebrum
3. Medulla Oblongata

We also studied their functions and how they work, how the nervous system through the spinal cord sends the neurons and the whole body works by the order of the brain.

The mind also has systems (not parts or sections!).

1. Consciously
2. Subconsciously
3. The unconscious

The conscious mind, also known as the awakening mind or the real mind, refers to the mind that reacts and is present here and now. So, all the actions that you are doing, and what you are fully aware of, are working on a conscious system.

Secondly, the command is a subconscious or preconscious or sleeping mind. You should be familiar with the term “back of the mind”, that’s what it is. To give you a good idea, if you notice, in our daily life you will get a lot of information. We literally bombarded with information, significant and insignificant. The conscious mind can not process 100% of everything. It does what a good child does in school; removes important things and filters the rest.

However, in the case of the subconscious mind, everything remains. Everything that comes to the subconscious remains there (according to research). That’s why when you talk to a counselor or a psychiatrist, they ask you simple questions that your conscious mind answers directly, and then they go deep into the subconscious because that’s the real action.

Finally, we have an unconscious state. This is a wild child. Rebellion in the family. No one knows how to get the unconscious mind because one word is “instinct”. This feeling? In general, “I know that I’m right, but I can not explain why.” Yes, sir! It’s unconscious mind. This is due to our instincts and forces.


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