The Functions of Human Mind and How Did They Work?

Functions of Human Mind

Your mind is a resource for extraction and storage. Its role is to understand the present and the future while remembering the past. Today we will talk about the functions of the mind and how did they work.

Functions of Human Mind
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The functions of the mind are divided into the following:

1. Thinking

Yes, the brain does not think that this is the reason. The mind thinks.


Thinking is considered one of the highest cognitive functions. It is also deeply connected with our ability to make and use tools; to understand the cause and effect; recognize the patterns of significance; understand and disclose experience or activity, and react globally in a meaningful way.

2. Memory

This should be easy to understand because the systems of the mind are what lives and experiences our activities. Consciousness, the subconsciousness, and the unconscious all together form a memory system. Whatever memories we have or make, are created and stored there.

3. Imagination

As Albert Einstein says: “Logic can get you from A to Z. Imagination will lead you everywhere.”

Imagination does not always mean creativity. Although creative imagination is one of the greatest aspects of this function.

If you are familiar with the phrase “Viewing directly from the mind’s eyes,” then you will realize that the mind itself has the ability to see beyond what the eye shows you.

4. Consciousness

Here the ability of the mind to perceive and realize the relationship between oneself and the environment around is covered here. This is the subject of many studies in the philosophy of mind, psychology, neurology and cognitive science. Whenever we talk about self-awareness or even awareness, we talk about the consciousness.

Although the mind has another million property and function, these basic concepts and functions can help you understand how the mind functions and which departments come under it.


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