What is the Importance of Inspiration in Life?

Psychology of Inspiration

We know that inspiration is the basis of every creative effort. When you create a work of art or poetry or come up with a new scientific theory, you need inspiration. Even simple creative actions, such as cooking or making love, require a level of inspiration. Inspiration is a kind of creative push, and sometimes it can depend on external factors, such as a person or a book or film, or even from simple patterns in the clouds, something really.

Psychology of Inspiration

Inspiration can also be internal, and it depends on our own thoughts and on what we do from our minds. This is a very active mental process, because we are inspired only when we are receptive to an inspiring object or something else. This means that our inner receptivity is very important. To find inspiration, we must be receptive and have an open mind. Our mind should be a soft form, on which it is easy to create impressions. It’s hard to breathe a heavy, hard mind, so mental flexibility is important if you need to find inspiration and stay hyper-creative.


When you are actively looking for inspiration, you will find it. It’s like finding the truth about life and reality. The artist or photographer draws inspiration from the sunset or the naked human body, because she wants and actively uses inspiration to create her piece of art. Thus, the object can be there, but only the artist turns the object into inspiration. Therefore, inspiration is a very creative process, because our mind actively changes a simple object into one inspiration.

Inspiration can also come from an inner mental process, such as a sudden thought, a dream or an idea. Imagine suddenly or dream of a car or painting or type of flowers that does not exist, a new planet with a yellow sky or red-eyed people, and this becomes a source of inspiration for a film or book. But our imagination will have its limits in accordance with the limits of our senses, and thus our inspiring levels will be affected.

Psychology should do a lot of research: 1) what inspires us and why; 2) why some objects inspire people in another way, because some people simply ignore the object, while others will observe the same object and be inspired to create. While we need empirical research in these areas, psychologists usually recognize that our personal circumstances and preferences, our childhood experiences and our subjective tastes, attitudes and personality will play a role in what we find interesting or inspirational.

Our levels of knowledge and understanding also determine to what extent we are inspired by external objects. A simple ripple in the lake can inspire an artist to paint, but this will not affect a person who is too focused on catching fish. Thus, our mental orientation or focus is an important aspect of inspiration.

Inspiration depends on many internal factors, such as our personality and relationships, knowledge, thought processes and interests. These internal factors must be coordinated with the objects that we face in the external world. Inspiration occurs when the external object responds exactly to our inner need or mental orientation. Unlike intuition, inspiration does not occur outside of blue, creative minds actively seek inspiration and always need something inspiring, so that as a physical or physical need, inspiration is a mental need, and when this inner need for a creative external object there is inspiration.

Creation of inspiration is the first step in creating a work of art or a scientific theory, and inspiration is the active creative process of the mind. Scientists often talk about the inspiration that comes from the inner source as a sudden moment of enlightenment. A scientist can work for many years to find the ideal chemical components of the drug, and suddenly known chemical equations occur in the mind, and he knows that this is so.

Inspiration can happen in the mind, but there may be external precedents and very much depend on our personal knowledge and interests. We can be inspired by the object, the person, the event, the new environment or the thought.

Finally, inspiration is what we want to see, what our mind needs and what we are actively looking for. This is how inspiration differs from all other mental processes, because our minds actively create inspiration in accordance with our mental orientation. We are developing and developing as people, because we are inspired to create, love, travel, achieve, discover and reinvent, explore, change and inspire – this is a mental activation that makes us do what we really want to do.


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