Life is a Game and We all are GOD’s Players

Life is a Game

Life is a game organized by someone we call God, in which we all play. We give him different names through an orphanage between us, called religion, through birth, and we honor him to improve our lives daily. He gives us different situations to handle and check how he/she solve every-time, on the basis of which he decides our next stage of life.

Life is a Game

The way we handle determines the result that we are doing. If we continue to believe with a positive mind, and this god will help us in difficult times, gradually our result will increase, and situations will easily cope with the god of the superpower that gives us.


If we become egoists with this force, ideally our result will decrease, and the following situations will become restless, and the superpower will disappear.

If we remain modest with this superpower in hand and help other players in solving situations, our results will be higher, and so will be our life, having achieved success, which is the level won in the game. However, when we move from level to level, levels tend to become more difficult for God to have fun while looking at how we play our movements in a different way. But this time we still have the power that God has given us, and therefore our hopes must remain high.

As the game continues, life becomes more difficult, but in the hands of players to make things sweeter and happier and enjoy every moment when it comes into play. Because there will be no second chance to repeat the previous level or enjoy the moment when it will be ready. Of course, what is being done, but what follows in his hands, and the audience (GOD) is waiting for its next step.

Therefore, no matter what, we, as players in the game of God, will keep crossing levels and move in life. But to enjoy it in our hands.

The game – Life will teach us lessons in our levels, we need to take it as a trigger to push us forward and enjoy playing the game with other players around us.

Instead of worrying about the problems that we face, if you just play the game, take a step to find a solution and enjoy the moment. We just rock the game.


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