Spiritual Healing – Definition – The True Inner Meaning

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is an important science that helps people overcome problems that have the root cause in the spiritual realm. But if the principles of this beautiful science are not understood and observed, spiritual healers can adversely affect the practice of spiritual healing. The most solid form of spiritual healing allows a person in trouble to begin and continue their spiritual practice.

Spiritual Healing

What is Spiritual Healing?

Spiritual studies conducted by the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) have shown that up to 80% of problems in our lives are rooted in the spiritual dimension. Spiritual healing, as defined by SSRF, overcomes spiritual means of spiritual causes of problems.


What does Spiritual Healing heal?

We can now estimate that in the cases of heart diseases caused by the spiritual root cause, medical or surgical treatment can only facilitate the subsequent harm caused by the spiritual root cause. Thus, in the treatment of heart disease through surgery or medicine, medical sciences can at best lead to symptomatic cure. However, the condition is repeated, because the main reason, for example, the ghost, is not taken care of.

Spiritual healing consists in diagnosing and eliminating the spiritual cause of the problem, that is the ghost in the above example of heart disease. It can also be used to stop a potential problem that occurs first.

Although advanced spiritual healing remedies can also restore physical damage, it is usually advisable to use physical measures to mitigate physical damage. This is because you need to use a lot of spiritual energy to achieve what can be done with a relatively smaller contribution at the physical level.

What is the catalyst for directing spiritual energies?

The primary determinant of whether a person has the ability to heal is based on the amount of spiritual practice that he performed at the appropriate spiritual level. This spiritual practice can be from this life or past life.

The healer’s desire to heal is a secondary factor that helps improve the ability of a spiritual healer to heal.

In summary

Spiritual healing is practiced by many people around the world. Only by understanding the principles and spiritual perspective of “who” and “when” to heal, we can be sure that we are in harmony with the purpose of life. The best gift of spiritual healing that can be given to others is to help them begin their spiritual practice so that they can help themselves. It’s like giving a man a fishing rod that makes him independent, unlike a spoon-feeding him and giving him a fish.


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